As an assistive technology, ChillFish helps
children with ADHD in breathing exercises

Breathing exercises have shown to have multiple benefits for children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). However, these children can have issues retaining attention in such an exercise. ChillFish attempts to disguise a general breathing exercise as a computer game, where the game avatar is controlled by the child using respiration. By combining medical knowledge on respiration and relaxation with game design principles, ChillFish is a tool that can assist children towards the benefits of a calm, deep breath

ChillFish is the first ever respiration assisting tool designed for children and built entirely in LEGO!


Use ChillFish to help your child to calm down prior to bedtime

Emotional outbursts

Use ChillFish to help your child calm down after an emotional outburst


Use ChillFish to help you child calm down is situations of acute stress or anxiety.

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Easy to build

All you need to build you own is standard LEGO bricks and our unique set of electronics.

Need help?

If you do not want to design your own controller from scratch you can download our building instructions for free

Want to see the concept?

Play a modified version of ChillFish directly in your browser using the arrow keys on your keyboard

Scientific publications

We are very proud of ChillFish, but still in the process of confirming its effects and exploring its potential through research studies. If this interests you, you can read one of our scientific papers on ChillFish here!

ChillFish Hospital Video

Watch the ChillFish video made as part of a project where ChillFish was used to calm children during blood sampling at Skejby Hospital

ChillFish Hospital Design Process Video

A sneak peak into the design process related the ChillFish Hospital research study.

ChillFish is designed by Tobias Sonne and Mads Møller Jensen

Tobias Sonne

Mads Møller Jensen